Spring Fling

SPEC Spring Fling is the committee in charge of the biggest college festival on the East Coast. Filled with performances, food, and fun, Spring Fling is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Our committee plans the marketing, logistics, and sponsorship outreach for Fling. We’re an eccentric, social group of students and we welcome anyone who wants to help us plan for the best weekend at Penn.

Our meetings, which occur twice a month, start off with icebreakers and games that allow us to get to know one another. After discussing general information and updates, we split off into three sub-committees: marketing, logistics, and sponsorships. Members are encouraged to explore all three sub-committees and decide which they like best. In the sub-committees, lead by one director each, members will take charge of specific tasks related to their interests. Additionally, members have the opportunity to apply for sub-chair positions, which are great ways to work closely with the directors and become leaders within the group.

During the year, we organize social events for our members outside of general meetings. Members will also be kept in the loop about events hosted by other SPEC committees throughout the year.

Our members can look forward to gaining experience in event planning and leadership, while being part of a tight-knit community. Also, free Fling tickets!!!

Everyone is welcome to join. You can join at any point in the year, but be sure to get involved early in order to not miss out on exciting opportunities. We hope to see you at our meetings!


Kayla Holmes

Kayla Holmes

Kayla is a Senior in the College studying Economics with minors in History and Native American Studies. When she’s not studying or busy with extracurriculars, you can find her reading, catching a movie with friends, or binging the latest TV show (she wants to work in the media and entertainment industry btw). Oh and if you’re just dying to discuss the masterpiece that is Euphoria, she’s the girl to talk to.

Marilyn Pesantez

Marilyn Pesantez

Marilyn is a sophomore in the College studying Cognitive Science and minoring in Consumer Psychology. She loves to listen to new music, discover new places to eat, and play around with graphic design. On her free time you can find her wasting money on Sweetgreen and not regretting it!

Jane Huang

Jane is a sophomore in Wharton studying OIDD and Statistics. She loves working out, baking deceptively-vegan desserts, attending literally any event where she is allowed to be loud (concerts, sports games, haunted houses, etc). Say hi to her on Locust because she is uncannily good at remembering names.