SPEC Connaissance is the best group on campus in charge of bringing influential speakers to Penn. Just think of some the biggest names in sports, business, politics, media and entertainment and we guarantee you, we brought at least one of those big names. Don’t believe us? How does Serena Williams, Caitlyn Jenner, Ellen Degeneres, Peyton Manning and Henry Kissinger sound to you?
When bringing famous people to Penn, we do everything from ticketing & marketing to production day of show. After we’re done with our hard work, we reward ourselves by having a chat and taking pics with our guest speaker.
Convinced yet? Look no further! Our committee members are what makes Connaissance great and we are constantly looking for more people to join. Since there is no application, all we expect is that you come to our weekly meetings, participate in our social events and help put on events.
Want to do more? Apply to be a sub-chair! Our sub-chair positions serve as excellent leadership opportunities. Whether or not you need to flesh out your LinkedIn or just want to give that extra 10%, apply apply apply. Be in charge of social events to promote bonding, organize the funding we give other branches or design some great marketing material. This is your chance!
So what are you waiting for? Join at any time. Huntsman 340 at 7pm. We will be waiting.


Amaka Okonneh

I’m a junior studying Communications and Consumer psychology, who is also the Assistant Vice President of Marketing for the Women in Leadership Series and an Outreach Ministry Team Leader for Christian Union at Penn. When she is studying or doing all her activities, she enjoys traveling and binging the latest hit TV show.

Natasha Allen

Alo whoever’s reading this. I am currently a junior in the College studying Economics and Political Science. My interests (besides being obsessed with the best club on campus known as Connaissance) include complaining about NBA trades, reminding people I am not from here and telling people to follow my 5 year old brother on Instagram (fyi it’s @tristanfly). Come to me if your palms are sweaty, knees are weak, arms are heavy. Will prescribe mom’s spaghetti.

Shea Tarnow

Shea is a junior in the College studying BBB, ASL, and Computer Science. When she is not holding Connaissance afloat, you can catch her teaching people how to knit through her club Stitch for Kids. If you need advice on cheese tasting, Shea is the person to ask.