Welcome to SPEC Sound. We are one of 9 sub-commmittees under the Social Planning and Events Committee. Our job is to provide sound equipment and technicians to Penn organizations in need of AV equipment.  Past groups we have worked with include Management 100 teams, sororities, fraternities, SPEC committees, and cultural groups. Our committee members are trained to work as technicians for these events, using our inventory of high quality speakers and amplifiers. SPEC Sound also has funding allocated to subsidize equipment and labor costs for charity events. For more information regarding SPEC Sound, see below.

Students Interested in Joining

Welcome to SPEC Sound. We are so excited that you are interested in joining our organization. To get in contact with us, and to be put into our listserv, you can email us at We hold meetings once a week in the Office of Student Affairs Conference Room. (the small room outside the OSA office on the second floor of Houston Hall) These meetings are normally held on Wednesdays 5-6.

The first step to becoming a technician is to get trained. We will be having multiple training sessions scheduled at the beginning of each semester. If you can not make these training sessions or join after these sessions have passed, we will have training sessions on an as needed basis. During these training sessions we go over what all the equipment is and does, how to hook it up for a normal music/microphone event, and the steps that a technician needs to go through to get paid.

Organizations Interested in Sound Services

Please fill out this form to request sound equipment and a technician. If you have any questions please email us at We will respond to your request within 48 hours of submitting the form. Because our technicians are students with busy academic schedules, we ask that you please submit your request a minimum of two weeks before your event. Doing so will maximize your chances of getting a technician for your event.

Event Request Form
Technician Guidebook
Post-Event Survey