SPEC Pop-Up (formerly Special Events) hosts a wide array of events open to all students, free of charge. We have worked with a variety of vendors to expose students to great local eateries. Some of our past partners include Lil Pop Shop, Swiss Haus Bakery, Schmear it, Royal Tea Truck, Baker’s Jar, Mac Mart and Federal Donuts.

In addition, we have given out many different freebies, including Nalgene water bottles, Pop-Up-branded koozies, Halloween costume accessories, and Spring Fling Concert tickets.

As a relatively small committee, we offer our committee members abundant opportunities to take initiative. We encourage our committee members to propose event ideas, contact vendors, iron out logistics and even take the lead on events.

While many of our events are short and sweet, sometimes lasting as little as 10 minutes, we also host longer events where friends can come together and enjoy food, activities and each others’ company. We hope to see you at our upcoming events!