SPEC-TRUM is the University of Pennsylvania’s Social Planning and Events Committee to Represent Undergraduate Minorities. We plan events on campus that create inclusive spaces for students, focus on the needs of Penn’s undergraduate minority population, and celebrate the  cultures of various minority groups.

One of our committee’s responsibilities is to serve as a funding source for minority groups on campus.  We help provide groups with the funding they need to host events that are open to Penn students and occasionally Philadelphia at large.  The beginning of our meetings consist of presentations by any outside groups requesting sponsorship funding for their event. Our committee listens to their presentations and then votes on the amount of funding to give each group based on our budget. After the presentations, we switch the focus to discussing and planning our upcoming events.  Finally, we end our meetings by talking about new music, artists that our members are listening too, upcoming concerts in Philadelphia, and news ways to get involved at Penn larger Philadelphia community.

The events we plan center around campus involvement and creating a diverse experience for students. Past events include: Drake n’ Skate, Silent Disco, speaker events, and seasonal concerts. Previous people we have hosted include Kendrick Lamar, Serena Williams, J. Cole, Future, Diplo, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Young Thug and many more.

As a part of SPEC-TRUM, you’ll find many new friendships among the committee, make a valuable impact on the campus social scene, and, above all else, have a great time because SPEC-TRUM is all-around lit. For more information contact Dayz Terry, Sydney Acquaye, or Peter Ojo.


Dayz Terry

Dayz Terry is a senior in the College studying Cinema and Media studies. The New York Times calls her “a connoisseur of the best films” while FOX News says “she’s a snowflake with Game of Thrones hair.”

Sydney Acquaye

Sydney Acquaye is a senior in the College studying sociology and French. She loves ice cream (in any weather), spending time with friends, and the way corgis waddle when they walk. You can always find her indoors.