Jazz & Grooves

SPEC Jazz & Grooves organizes major concerts in the fall and spring and often hosts smaller performances. Past performers include Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Medeski Martin & Wood, Branford Marsalis, the Wailers, Miles Davis, the Charlie Hunter Trio, and the Josh Redman Quartet.


Ellery Lassiter

Ellery Lassiter likes to keep things brief.

Jess Sandoval

Mini Blurb

Shannah Reagan

“S. Dayne Reagan was born in the back of a rural Tennessee Denny’s in the 1964th Year of Our Lord, already an elderly woman at birth and has aged backwards over the decades a la Benjamin Button to be with You as Your Relatable Jazz & Grooves Director. She has several Hobbies and many Interests, some of which she probably shares in common with You and can be the subject of many varied pleasant Conversations and forced social interactions. She responds exclusively to “suh dude” and has never been on time to anything in her life ever and is probably late for something right now.

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