Led by Michael Gigante and Helen Zhang, the Concerts committee is in charge of executing the annual Spring Fling concert in April for approximately 8,000 Penn students and community members. Some past headliners include Ke$ha, Chance the Rapper, Zedd, and The All-American Rejects. We are made up of students of all years at Penn who have an interest in music, marketing, event planning, and a wide variety of other fields. Throughout the year, the concerts committee has weekly meetings, where we discuss possibilities for our events, listen to music together, and just hang out. We have committee events planned by our social chair, and attend concerts together in the Philadelphia area.


Helen Zhang

Helen is a sophomore in the College, studying Political Science and Economics. She is fond of chicken empanadas, concerts, and midday outfit changes. If you catch her with earbuds in she is probably listening to Hippo Campus or Sabrina Claudio.

Michael Gigante

Michael is a senior in Engineering studying Mechanical Engineering interested in energy and sustainability. He’s from the Bronx, owns too many cameras, and dresses strictly for comfort. Can be caught bumping Frank Ocean or Prince at any hour of the day.